About Us

  • AIFORTRADE is a trading name of AIFORTRADE Co., Ltd which founded in 2019 and is located in United Kingdom.
  • Official Website: www.aifortrade.com
  • AIFORTRADE is a new and improved global social trading platform, which offers the best trading conditions for traders around the world with innovative method, effective tools and super-fast execution for the sake of mutual benefit.


AiForTrade company is not going to stop there. Our main target is a constant financial development of the company and its clients. Nowadays we work on the creation of more profitable investment conditions, modernization of the existing technical base of the company. Our financial analysists make strategical plans of the company’s development which will allow implementing company’s potential and making its activity rather more profitable and secure.

In the nearest future the company plans to expand areas of activities, new tariff plans development and trading at the other monetary and financial markets. This will allow us to raise profits and attract rather more investors.

Due to successful market-seeking and sound financial standing, we will be able to start creating our own trading and investment platform where clients will have a chance not just to invest but also to do trading on their own.


You can find thousands of profitable investment platforms on the internet. However, the risk of stumbling into fraudsters is extremely high. AiForTrade company has an official registration and is an international financial organization.

The certificate gives us the right to cooperate with the leaders of the investment sphere and trade together with them at the world’s largest monetary and financial markets.

Also, our experts developed a three-level referral program in order to you could have passive income. Lead new clients to the platform and receive bonuses as a percentage of their deposits and those who were invited by them.