1. What is a Social Trading platform?

Social Trading platform is a network where traders can interact with each other, share their ideas, watch trading results of professionals and brainstorm on market situations. In other words, it is the place where you can follow successful and skilled traders to evaluate, analyze and copy their strategies. Social trading is becoming one of the top trends all over the world as it particularly benefits people with limited time or little financial experience.

2. How does AIForTrade work?

On AIForTrade, after finishing registration, you will have a wide selection of Professional Traders with public trading results. Deposit suitable amount and choose your investment. Find your favorite traders to copy. Their trades will be automatically copied through the system and you will see changes in your account everyday. You can also remove current traders out of your list and choose another one.

3. I never tried this before. Can I register a trial account?

Absolutely. You can always create a free demo account to get used to the system operation mechanism. The demo account can be used at the same time with the official account. However, each requires a separate email address.

4. How to deposit my money?

We accept deposit and withdrawal in BTC and ETH. The balance in your dashboard will be shown in USD.

5. What is the minimum deposit amount?

We provide different investment packets with appropriate sizes for Investors to choose. The minimum value is only 500$. Investing larger amount will result in more Professional Traders being available on your list, which means bigger opportunity to gain profit.

6. Can I withdraw my money back?

Yes, you can always withdraw the uninvested money. The invested part will be non-withdrawable until you reach a cumulative profit of 300% of the initial amount, however your periodic earning (daily, monthly) can be withdrawn anytime.

7. How to sign up?

Please follow this link: Register